The UnSectored community is united around a common set of values. If you agree with these values, sign up and join our community.

UnSectored Vision:

The vision of UnSectored is to redefine the conversation on social change. We promote solutions-based conversations that connect a diverse group of people who care about social change because we know social change is the responsibility of all individuals, organizations and sectors—from business to nonprofit to government, regardless of industry or focus. We invite anyone join the dialogue who wants to connect with others, think critically and bring a new perspective on change.

UnSectored Values Statement: 

The UnSectored community believes in the power of structured dialogue. We value a participatory process where individuals collectively define progress and enact change.

UnSectored Values

  • Intentionality
    • Intentionality is the pursuit of thoughtfulness in our conversations and deliberation in our actions. We value intentionality because we do not want to create change for change’s sake, but do so after considering for the best possible solutions. Community members embody intentionality by being respectful in our conversations and listening to what others have to offer. Intentionality requires an openess to new ideas and different perspectives, and the UnSectored platform is uniquely suited to offer community members that experience.
  • Diversity
    • Diversity is the welcoming of perspectives from disparate backgrounds. We draw on this diversity to enrich our community, as well as to critically analyze and strengthen our decisions. While striving for diversity, we recognize a full diverse representation is never possible. Community members work in all different sectors, but are not defined by their professional experiences alone. We seek diversity in opinions, upbringing, demographics and even conversation style. Each individual has something unique to contribute, no matter his or her background.
  • Engagement
    • Engagement is active involvement with others and the encouragement of others to get involved in our work. Engagement contributes to our exploration of ideas, and we work to build an open and accepting environment for all to allow others to join our community and engage in the ways they are able. Community members can engage with our conversations online through posting or commenting, or by participating in our offline face-to-face dialogues. Engagement can be as simple as telling someone else about the community, or as involved as helping with our day-to-day operations.
  • Disruption
    • Disruption is an act of change, however large or small, that is a part of our community’s defined path of progress. Disruption happens at all levels of the UnSectored platform. Acts of disruption can be as simple as changing our interactions with each other, or as complicated as rebuilding systems. Community members’ participation in our conversations are inherently disruptive, as the sum of their dialogues are progressively adding to the rethinking of social change. Disruption occurs with each new relationship formed and each new idea brought up in our conversations.

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