Categories are the broad topics that cut across our UnSectored conversations. Many posts touch on several different issues and have multiple category labels. Learn more about each category below. Disagree with a definition? Contact us.

  • Community Engagement (36)

    Engaging with a community as it relates to social change, either to be more responsive to needs or to determine the best solutions to a problem.

  • Corporations (14)

    Corporations (or other for-profit for-benefit organizations) and their roles in creating and perpetuating social change.

  • Cross-Sector (55)

    Interactions between the three major sectors: Government, Nonprofits, and For-profits.

  • Diversity (10)

  • Education (18)

    Education as it relates to creating social change.

  • Environment (18)

    Issues related to the environment.

  • Friday's Thoughts (73)

    A weekly featured quote that informs our thinking about what "unsectored" means.

  • Impact Investment (17)

    The concept of investing money in for-profit organizations that produce social and financial returns.

  • Laws (9)

    Laws and legal structures that relate to the creation (or hinderance) of social change.

  • Leadership (47)

    Different forms of leadership individuals can take inside or outside of organizations, or leadership roles organization can take on. It also may relate to the development of these different leadership styles or roles.

  • Local Business (4)

    Small- to medium-sized businesses working to serve local communities.

  • Management and Strategy (28)

    Management and strategies of organizations for social change; either a discussion of different forms of management or strategy, how to develop those different forms, or comparisons of different management styles or strategies.

  • Nonprofits (45)

    Issues regarding the nonprofit sector as whole.

  • Social Entrepreneurship (61)

    Social entrepreneurship has many definitions, but generally relates to creating a new organization or developing a new product or service that aims to address a social issue.

  • Uncategorized (3)

  • UnSectored Announcements (30)

    Announcements from the UnSectored community, either regarding blogger, partners, or the community as a whole.