Friday’s Thoughts: Civil Society in All Its Forms

In a world of blurring roles, civil society has the opportunity to transmit many of these core values to an increasingly receptive set of businesses and government institutions. In all scenarios there remains an acute need for organizations, individuals, movements and partnerships that are built on trust, commitment, a sense of service and a focus on the collective good. Civil society in all its forms must continue to hold all stakeholders, including itself, to the highest levels of accountability. In fact, such a role is essential to the success of cross-sectoral activity…
World Economic Forum, “The Future Role of Civil Society,” January 2013

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Jeff Raderstrong

Jeff Raderstrong

Jeff Raderstrong is the Founder and Principal of UnSectored. He has run successful, long-term online campaigns in the social innovation space, such as developing and executing the social media strategy for Leap of Reason, a book on nonprofit outcomes management … Continue reading

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