Friday’s Thoughts: Connecting What’s Right

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Tiffany Persons, Founder of Shine on Sierra Leone, has so many inspiring words after years of dedicating her life to causing social change in Sierra Leone. The theme of this clip is her journey in connecting what’s right for her and what is right for the people she serves.

A couple quote that particularly stood out to us:

00:12 – “…no one had actually asked, ‘Do you want to do this?’ and than I stopped for a moment and I thought about it and I said ‘actually I don’t really know if I want to do it and if I do want to do it, I don’t want to do it in this way anymore.'”

02:44 – “…but really, what are we really changing if the people that we’re working with don’t feel connected and don’t feel a part of the change.”

Thanks iOnPoverty for sharing this and many other inspirational videos on discovering a life dedicated to social change.

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