Friday’s Thoughts: Once on the Edge; Now Mainstream

“The social economy frame is intended to help us see the full range of business ventures, charitable efforts, philanthropy, and investment capital geared toward producing positive social results. The slow spread of alternative corporate forms (B corporations and L3Cs), the rise of businesses pursuing social missions, and the increased use of philanthropic endowments for pro-social investments all add up to a fundamentally different set of systems for using private resources for public good. This is not the future; it is today. What was once on the edge is now mainstream.”

–Lucy Bernholz, Blueprint 2013

Each year, Lucy Bernholz¬†publishes a great industry forecast on the upcoming year for what she calls “philanthropy and the social economy,” which by her definition comprises “all the tools we use to apply our private resources for public good.” This year’s copy is downloadable free of charge from GrantCraft. We’d quote the whole thing here for you to read (and we might throw up a few more quotes on the site in weeks to come), but it’d be easier for you to just go ahead and download it yourself.

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Jeff Raderstrong

Jeff Raderstrong

Jeff Raderstrong is the Founder and Principal of UnSectored. He has run successful, long-term online campaigns in the social innovation space, such as developing and executing the social media strategy for Leap of Reason, a book on nonprofit outcomes management … Continue reading

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