Our 2012 Favorites

Happy New Year!

Now that 2012 is complete (we’ve all made it another year, cheers!), we at UnSectored want to share some of our favorite posts from 2012. Each author has picked one they especially like and briefly commented on it. Hope you enjoy!

A Millennial Perspective on Money by Patrick Davis

PD: For me personally, this past year has signaled irreversible momentum behind a movement of people who believe that we can change the world by becoming financial activists. Collectively, we will determine direction of capital markets over the next several decades. Estimates show that $41 trillion will change hands from Boomers to Millennials in years to come. That’s $41 trillion that can be invested in the status quo and perpetuate continued global poverty and environmental degradation OR that’s $41 trillion that can finance the solutions to these problems. I was recently told, “you are the first generation that will choose if you are the last.” I believe we already have our minds made up. Do you?

The Power of my Privilege by Mark Hecker

MH: I considered writing it for many months, but I was concerned about the type of response I would get from the philanthropy community. Though some that normally respond to my posts were eerily quiet on this one, I found a very receptive audience interested in talking about this important topic – that was quite reassuring.

Create Value, Not Change by Jeff Raderstrong

JR: This is one of my favorites not because of my post itself but because of fellow blogger Mark Hecker’s response. He gave a great response to my piece and changed my way of thinking on the topic.

Sectored Thinking Starts in School by Ryan Steinbach

RS: Since writing this post in September, I have witnessed universities all over the country shift how they are approaching social change, especially in business. It’s no longer a topic of interest covered in workshops and panels. It’s a competitive, marketable skill set that is seeing more class time. Some began after my post, but many have just become more visible. This knowledge sharing is the critical next step I see in developing social change on campus.

Creating Win-Win Opportunities for Social Change by Emily Stiever

ES: “It seems like sometimes we (particularly in the nonprofit sector) spend a huge amount of time and energy trying to convince people to support things that they don’t truly care about.  Yes, a person may care in the abstract about fragile ecosystems being destroyed by climate change (who doesn’t love cute polar bears), but those feelings don’t always translate into taking action. Why? Because we’re human and we respond to direct incentives.”

Let’s Play Nice: Keeping Arrogance Out of Social Change by Laura Tomasko

LT: This is my favorite post of the year because it speaks to a desire to unite rather than divide those passionate about improving society, and to do so with respect and civility.

Is your favorite post not here? Share it below and tell us why it’s your favorite.


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