Shattering Social Silos: Taking Relationships from Sectored to Spacious

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Social change is the responsibility of all individuals, organizations and sectors. We can hardly expect to effect change in institutions and in our cultures if we don’t take risks in our social lives to do the same. What would it look like to begin moving outside the social silos in which we tend to hunker down? What would it look like to cross boundaries and borders and to cultivate social networks and community that are quite diverse so that — through mutual respect, understanding, and ultimately empathy — we could all flourish more fully?

Come discuss these questions and more at the next UnSectored Talk, “Shattering Social Silos: Taking Relationships from Sectored to Spacious” on Monday, February 11th from 6:30-8:30 PM.

This Talk will be hosted by me and Joey Katona of SPACIOUS, a social venture that consults and puts on events around D.C. (and also in other cities). SPACIOUS was founded on the idea that everyone you meet is awesome if you’ll take the time to move from seeing a face to knowing a name to hearing a story. Their events are facilitated to be personal experiences where you are welcomed and celebrated as you move beyond the usual demographic limitations, beyond sectors.

This collaborative conversation promises to be lively and active, reflective and deep. It will gently challenge us all to reconsider our limitations, create space for brainstorming around solutions, and perhaps even generate ideas for new SPACIOUS events that you help co-create.

It won’t be the same without YOU. Come join the conversation, and see where it takes you. RSVP and learn more.

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