Building an Inclusive Environment for Conscious Consumption


How conscious were you of your purchase decisions today? That was how we kicked off our most recent UnSectored Talk co-hosted by Blendedprofit – Choose with Your Wallet: Making Conscious Consumption a Priority. If you find your answer somewhere between destroyer … Continue reading

Summary of “Choose with Your Wallet”, Co-Hosted by Blended Profit


Last month we another great UnSectored Talk, co-hosted by our friends over at Blended Profit, about conscious consumption and what it means to “buy good.” The people at Punch Rock were nice enough to have us hang out in their space, and a … Continue reading

UnSectored Talks: Making Conscious Consumption a Priority

Join us on September 26th for the first UnSectored Talks of the season: “Choose with Your Wallet: Making Conscious Consumption a Priority.” This will be hosted by our friends at Blended Profit, and you can RSVP here. Come discuss what we can … Continue reading

Blended Profit: UnSectored and Unbound by Time or Place


Over the past several months I’ve had the opportunity to work with an awesome group of people, many of whom I’ve never actually met in person, on a project that truly exemplifies the art of 21st century collaboration. The idea for Blended Profit was born … Continue reading