Summary of “UnSectorED: Building an Education Revolution”

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Based on a great response from Mark Hecker’s February blog, Reach Inc. co-hosted our March UnSectored Talk at CAUSE on what it’s going to take to revolutionize the education system. This was also our first inter-city Talk! The FEED Atlanta … Continue reading

The Power of my Privilege

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September 18, 2012 Dear Philanthropy Community, I’ve been thinking about our relationship for months. I wasn’t really sure how to bring this up, because I’m really worried about offending you. Making you angry has real consequences for the kids I serve. … Continue reading

Falling for the New Language of Social Good

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Phil Buchanan, ED for the Center for Effective Philanthropy has started an interesting conversation over at the organization’s blog. He’s challenged all of us to think about the ways we idealize the market as a force in creating societal improvement … Continue reading

Balancing Excellence, Justice, AND Honor


On April 25th, I was asked to provide a keynote address at an Honors Assembly at the William Penn Charter School, a Friends school in Philadelphia. Below are my remarks, adapted slightly for UnSectored. The tensions I discussed are realities … Continue reading