Friday’s Thoughts: What Social Entrepreneurs Really Need

…I and other Mexican social entrepreneurs have had to overcome our own challenges. This experience has taught me that money, by itself, is never enough. What we need are changes in legal and fiscal regulations, as well as the creation … Continue reading

Friday’s Thoughts: Collaboration and Common Goals

The issue isn’t a lack of interest in collaboration. Quite the opposite. At least anecdotally, it’s clear that many funders participate in collaborations with like-minded organizations. These efforts take a variety of forms, ranging from sharing information around a conference … Continue reading

Friday’s Thoughts: Shifting How We Organize

The mutually reinforcing and accelerating nature of these technologies is shifting the center of gravity in how we organize as a society. Institutions—both formal, such as schools, and informal, such as families—were once at the center of our societies. Now … Continue reading

Values, Not Laws

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An explosion of businesses doing good has created a legal industry all of its own. Laws have popped up on the books all over the country that create new structures–L3Cs, benefit corporations, flexible purpose corporations–to help businesses do good better. Well, allegedly they … Continue reading

Friday’s Thoughts: Innovation, Simple Recipes, and Miracle Diets

“Organizational research has unearthed a large number of cognitive, normative, and political factors that can stifle innovation or derail innovation processes. We therefore are frustrated that pushing innovation based on simple recipes and success factors is still the prevailing dogma … Continue reading